Sailing on southwest harbor maine Captain Q is hunting for amazing
deals on classic sailboats!
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About the YouTube Show

Captain Q is your tour guide for finding amazing deals on some of the most beautiful classic sailboats on the market (and sometimes not even on the market!) Whether it’s a bluewater cruiser, a racing sailboat, or a liveaboard yacht, he brings his 60 years of extensive sailing, boat, racing & cruising knowledge to find the perfect diamond-in-the-rough deals on used sailboats.  

We are not brokers nor sellers…. but we are two guys that love to crawl around beautiful sailboats, imagine how we could get them on the water, and daydream about where we would take them .

There’s a chance we learn a little along the way, too!

Captain Q Portrait


Because the path to salty freedom sometimes takes a little ingenuity when it comes to speed, comfort, and cost. We thought grabbing a camera or two would help us showcase some great deals.  Trusted crewmate, “Ran-day” thought, “Who better to help find a fantastic classic sailboat, then someone who’s spent the past 60 years obsessed with them?” 


Episode 1:

We start off with a bit of a fixer-upper Cal 28. For sale in Maine for $1000 or best offer. We look at the entire boat – inside and out to see if it has potential for a handy new owner….. or will it end up in the scrap yard?!?!