Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out if a boat you toured is still for sale?2023-09-13T18:43:17+00:00

Underneath each episode, you’ll see a written description with the link ‘…more’. Click on the ‘…more’ link to show the full show write-up.  If the boat is still for sale, the owner or broker information will be listed there. If it’s not there, that means the seller has asked us to remove it as the boat has been sold.


Do you work on commission or other compensation?2023-09-11T17:01:54+00:00

Nope. We only make money through the content creator routes – YouTube ad revenue, Patreon, Merchandise sales. We figured it would taint our opinion of the boats to take any type of commission or fee… and we wanted to have an unspoiled view of each boat we toured

I have a boat for sale, can you come shoot it?2023-09-11T17:01:47+00:00

If it’s located in New England, send a link your listing to [email protected]  and we’ll take a look. As of August 2023, we won’t be scheduling boat tours for the foreseeable future.

Where do I find my own good deals on classic sailboats?2023-09-11T17:03:59+00:00

Scrounge your local boatyards, be nice to the boatyard manager and ask about seemingly abandoned boats. Peruse the usual online ad listings – craigslist, facebook marketplace, yachtworld, sailboatlistings, sailboatsforsale. Keep your eyes peeled for that special boat that speaks to you!

Are Captain Q & Ran-day Related?2023-09-11T17:01:34+00:00

Nope. Friends for about 30 years, Ran-day used to crew for Captain Q on his 1965 Lecomte Ocean Racer

What’s with the stuffed dog?2023-09-11T17:01:39+00:00

Captain Q lost his closest black lab friend, Sabina, prematurely and needed something to fill the void in his heart. That’s where Seadog came in

Are you sponsored by Dinty Moore (Hormel)?2023-09-10T17:48:56+00:00

Nope. We had some good chats with the folks at Hormel, but ultimately, they weren’t into it.

Where can I buy those orange hats?2023-09-11T16:58:15+00:00

We have run out of our production of the Captain Q orange hat and don’t have plans to start up production on them in the near term. We do have other show merchandise available here

Can Captain Q help me find my dream sailboat?2023-09-19T13:01:21+00:00

Captain Q is available for private, paid consultation to help advise aspiring sailors find the right boat. If you’re interested in hiring Captain Q, send an email

to [email protected] and make the subject of the email ‘I need Captain Q as an advisor’

What do you use for gear to produce the show?2023-09-11T17:26:22+00:00
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