How It Started

Lifelong sailor, Captain Q, was trying to convince his trusted sailing buddy, ‘Ran-day’ (aka Randall) to buy a cheap Cal 28 sailboat (see episode #1) he spotted on the side of the road. Ran-day, living in downtown Boston, and having moved on to cycling instead of sailing, wasn’t terribly interested. But CQ’s persistence sparked an idea… if CQ could find good deals, share some history & learning, and have a little fun along the way, perhaps someone else would be interested in listening/watching. Thanks to YouTube, we had a platform to share these boat tour experiences… and 6 weeks after launching the channel in 2020 we hit 1M views and 10k subscribers.

Continuing on for the next 2.5 years, we grew the channel to 14M+ views and 80,000+ subscribers, meeting many of you along the way, hosting sailing events, and getting some of the loveliest messages from our viewers. It’s been quite a ride. Humbling, inspiring, motivational…. it’s hard to sum up what it all means to both of us.

What’s next?

With Captain Q’s retirement in mid-2023, the channel is charting a new path forward, continuing on the mission of making inspirational & educational content with a dash of fun.

You’ll be hearing from sailing world experts, Ran-day’s DIY boat ownership & refit series, and other fun episodes to get you fired up to make the leap to your own sailing adventure. Or maybe you’ll just do some vicarious living until you can make your dream happen – but make sure to heed Walter Schulz’s advice – Don’t Wait!!

The Cast


Captain Q




Veteran Surveyor


Boat Building Legend