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Captain Q, Yacht Hunter

This is where it all started. Captain Q & Ran-day out hunting for great deals on classic boats and learning a little along the way.

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Ran-day Bought A Sailboat

“Ran-day” aka Randall, jumps in and buys a 1973 Scheel 45 Ketch Rig Sailboat. There are a lot of systems and puzzles to figure out to make it safe and fun… and he’s a rookie at everything except sailing. Join him as he he dreams of bringing this old beauty back to modern standards and then pack a bike to head off to warmer waters and across the Atlantic.

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Boat-buying Tips from A Surveyor

Veteran surveyor, Jim Dias, walks through some valuable tips that viewers can use to help pre-screen boats during their initial buyers journey.  We will cover the entire sailboat from top to bottom to give you tips as to what can make or break a deal.

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Wisdom from Walter

Legendary boat builder, Walter Schulz, founder of Shannon Boat Company, pops in to provide some sage advice on everything related to sailing and getting out on the water. If you’re not careful, you’ll get some good life advice too.

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